Where can we find the KYCK cropping tool?

KYCK offers a photo cropping tool that is accessible from a couple different areas of the site.

Please note: the cropping tool does not rotate your image.  Images must be rotated prior to upload.

Option One: When you edit or upload club logo file (limited staff members have access to this in KYCK) the cropping tool will be available once you select the ‘choose file’ button.


Option Two: Crop your photo in the ADD New Player / ADD New Staff Form. You can now add the player or staff photo at the same time you add them as new to the club for the first time.  The example below shows the Add New Staff form but the option is similarly available on the Add New Player form.


Option Three: The cropping tool has been added at the Player and Staff profile level (only accessible to staff members with Org level permissions) Instructions for accessing the player or staff profile are shown below. This option is a great one to use when you have already uploaded the player or staff and you need to add the photo or edit the photo at a later date.  Follow the steps outlined below:



When the cropping tool opens, you will have the option to upload the photo you want to use. Once that photo pulls up on screen inside the cropping tool area you have the ability to move the crop tool box and resize the crop tool box by clicking on the corners of the box. As seen below, you want to move the box over the player’s face and resize the box so that it is cropping in on only the head / face. The player card photo prints very small and the face must be recognizable. Get as close in as you can and cut out any extra photo elements that distract from clearly capturing the player’s face.  When you have it set where you want to crop it, use the ‘select’ button and it will crop and save the photo in the player profile.

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