What is PlayerVault?

PlayerVault is a KYCK service that securely stores sensitive data and information on players registered on KYCK.
How does it work?
  1. The PlayerVault fee pays for that secure storage for a 365-day period, regardless of if or how many times a user logs in or registers for other programs on KYCK’s services during that period.
  2. On the 366th day and beyond, PlayerVault’s service will not cease — KYCK will continue to maintain the data securely with best-in-class bank-level encryption methods for as long as the account and information associated with it is in our system
  3. If an account is reactivated for any reason (such as registering for a new program via KYCK), the account will be charged a PlayerVault fee again to renew the service for another 365-day period.

Why does KYCK care about player information?

It is an unfortunate truth that there are deep flaws with the way player data is stored, secured and presented in our sport — both online and offline. This is an issue generally, but the risk is heightened when this data includes sensitive information about children. Many parents are not aware, for example, that by simply registering their child for a program, they may opt in to have information such as their child’s GPA, school, schedule, and picture posted and publicly available online. With PlayerVault, and with KYCK, this will never happen.

The issues are broader than online. They extend to file cabinets in club offices around the country, where documents such as birth certificates and photos are retained by well-intending club registrars who often scan and upload the documents into registration systems themselves. While perhaps necessary and OK a decade ago, KYCK believes parents today would prefer the convenience of submitting digital documents securely to the club rather than transporting hard copies to their local club, where the documents may remain for years accessible to anyone at the club.
[Maybe infographic showing when they are charged and how often?]
[Or show how it will appear on their bank statement?]
Do I have to pay for this feature?
Yes, paying a PlayerVault fee is a requirement of using KYCK’s service to register.
KYCK charges the fee because providing the infrastructure necessary to store information securely has a cost to KYCK, but more importantly we believe it is a service that parents are willing to pay for, or would be willing to pay for if they were aware of the numerous issues PlayerVault addresses. These are issues that we at KYCK are passionate about and determined to help solve.
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