Uploading Staff photos

You can only upload a staff members photo if you have staff permissions to ‘Manage Staff’  Even if you do have this permission, once a staff member logs into their staff profile it locks the profile and only they can add their own photo or edit their personal information.  You may not think that the staff member has logged in but if you check, you can see if they have or have not.  See below.

If the staff member has not logged in, you can follow these instructions below to upload the staff photo.  The photo cropping tool is available at the time you first enter a staff member on the club and you add the photo on that form, or it is also available if you are uploading the photo from the staff profile per these directions:


This is where you find out if they staff member has already logged in.  If these edit buttons are not showing for you, either the staff member has logged in, or you do not have the permissions you need to edit their profile. Otherwise, select either Edit button and it will take you to the editable profile.

Here you can upload the photo or update the personal data as long as the user has not logged in.  If you have not read our article about the best photos to use please do here.


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