Submitting Player Photos and Documents

Player documents such as photo, proof of birth, and medical waiver are often required by soccer organizations in order to play. Using KYCK Registration, you can easily submit these documents online.


Downloading Forms

In many cases, soccer organizations will require forms to be filled out in addition to completing online registration. If this is the case, you can download the forms by clicking on the blue links shown below.

Downloading Documents

After downloading the forms, you will need to print them off and complete them offline before uploading them back into the system. Please make sure that any writing is legible for the forms to be valid.

Scan or Photograph your Documents

Before uploading your photo or documents, you will need to save a digital copy back to your computer or mobile device. You can either scan these documents or take a picture of them along with a picture of the player.

Player Photo Guidelines

Photos are usually used to create a player identification card, so it’s important that the player photo that you use clearly shows the face of the player. Player photos should be sized at a 1:1 ratio (the image should be square). We recommend an image size of 300 pixels by 300 pixels.

Pro-Tip: Use Your iPhone Camera instead of a Scanner

KYCK Registration is iOS-friendly, meaning that you can use your iPhone camera to snap a photo of the player and photos of any player forms and then upload them directly from your phone. Please make sure all form photos are legible before uploading.

Document pic

Uploading Photos and Documents

To submit photos and documents online, you will need to upload them from your computer or iPhone. To do this, just click the blue upload button and select each file from your device.Uploading Documents



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