Photos: What you need to know

To ensure that your photo uploads and prints well on a staff or player passcard please read and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Make sure you have been given the correct staff permission to edit staff and/or players.

2. Verify that you are using the most up-to-date version available for your web browser. We recommend that you work in updated versions of Chrome or Firefox.

3. If it is a staff photo you are trying to upload, and you do not see the button or you cannot get the image to upload, it is more than likely that staff member has logged in (if their email field is greyed out in their profile that means they have logged in) and once a staff member takes over their own profile (like on Facebook or LinkedIn) nobody can update their personal information or photo. Please ask the staff member to upload their own photo.

4. Make sure you are using a photo that will work for upload and will print clearly in a small square format. The photos that print on cards are not unlike a passport photo, they are small, headshots that print in a square, not a rectangle (see samples below.) Do not upload photos that are over 2MB in size and anything other than a .jpg or .png file. You may attempt to resize your photo, but if the photo AREA is too large, it will still not upload and show the way you intend it to (see samples below.) The closest crop you can get, the better the photo will print on the card.

5. If you need to crop your image and you are looking to do so using the KYCK cropping tool you will will find the cropping tool in these areas on site where photo uploads are primarily managed: when you are first adding player/ staff to the club the cropping tool is available from the form, if you are editing the staff / players individual record once it has been added to KYCK and you can also use the cropping tool when uploading or changing the club logo. The cropping tool does not rotate images, you will need to rotate prior to uploading.


This is a headshot, and the best format you can use:


This is a group shot. This card could be rejected at the game because the actual player/staff cannot be identified in the photo:


This photo is too far away and too fuzzy. The card could be rejected at the game because the player/staff cannot be clearly identified in the photo:


To preview what a photo will print like on the player/staff card, go to ‘View all Players’ list or ‘View all Staff’ and the small images that appear on that page represent exactly what will print on the card as seen below. The second photo would not work for a card. Photo one and photo three will.



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