Do’s and Don’ts



  1. Never put a parent’s email address in the ‘player email’ field when entering a player into the KYCK system. Players do not require an email address and that field can/should be left blank. Players under 18 require a parent email that must go only in the ‘parent email’ field. Follow our instructions for how to add a player.
  2. Never use any email twice, an email address in KYCK operates like a social security number in life, you never want anyone else to have the same as you, not your spouse, child or siblings. Each user whether they log in and do work in KYCK or not, must have a totally unique email address.
  3. When entering new staff, do not open a current staff entry and delete their information and add the new staff members in an old staff entry, the first person to have the entry will always be linked to the new person you put in. Always enter staff with a brand new staff entry field. Follow our instructions on how to add staff members.
  4. Do not contact KYCK regarding player or staff card approval status. KYCK offers tech support for the online system, US Club Soccer handles all things related to cards, card fees, approvals, sanctioning process, sanction fees and refunds.


  1. Use the Keyword search in the KYCK HELP section to find written and video tutorials and instructions
  2. If your club has an “Old USCS ID#” become familiar with it, when asking for help from, your ID # helps us find your exact club much faster. If you your club was established after March of 2014 you may or may not have a USCS ID#. If you do not have an ID # we will identify you by your full club name
  3. If you are a staff member in a club and someone else entered you into that club, the email address you use to log in with must match the one your staff entry was created with.
  4. Check under the CARDS tab > PRINT cards section to see the status of a card request. If the status column reads “NEW” that means it is being processed by US Club and you should contact them directly if it has been more than 4-5 days since your request.
  5. Use the online chat system to quickly resolve any issues you are having in The live online chat icon can be found in the HELP > CONTACT US section. If you do not see the icon on the Contact Us page, our online chat is not live at that time.
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