How are payment plans created?

In order to create a Payment Plan, you must first have your club’s Merchant Account setup and approved. At that time you will be able to access your club’s Financial Section. The Financial Section is located on the left side of the Club or Organization’s Home Dashboard after first signing into your account. (Please note that only those with the appropriate assigned permission level will be able to access the finances).

Follow these steps to create a Payment Plan for your Program(s):

1. Go to the Financial Section within the Club Admin. Dashboard and click the “Payment Plans” tab. When in the Payment Plans tab, click the upper right blue box titled “Add New.”

2. You will see a title at the top of the page that opens that says ‘Create New Plan’. Start here by naming your plan and entering the required initial deposit amount (Please note sections with an asterisk next to the name are mandatory fields). After the initial deposit amount, enter each subsequent payment amount and the corresponding payment due dates (we suggest payments be spread out in 30 day increments.) The dropdown arrow for the date due is set by Month / Day / Year (Please note if the payment plan is divided for equal payments each month, the KYCK Software automatically will recognize this when clicking the next payment box amount and will auto-fill the next payment with the previous amount and same due date for the next month).

3. Proceed to entering all payments in the Payment Plan by either letting KYCK auto-fill the payment details by clicking the payment amount box in each of the subsequent payments or manually entering payment amounts and due dates until the bottom total equals the total amount owed. Click the blue “Save” box at the bottom when finished entering all Payment Plan details and the total amount is the desired total amount owed.


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