How does my team request to join a league?

These instructions apply if your team is already set up in KYCK and the team’s ‘Official Roster’ <link to external> has been created. When the Official Roster is complete, you are ready to make your request to join the league. Follow these instructions:

Request to Join a League

1. From your team page in KYCK select the COMPETITIONS tab and then select ‘Find New Competitions’ option. If you do not see the COMPETITIONS tab in your view, you may not have the correct staff permissions. Reach out to your club registrar to request permissions.


2. Use the filter to search for the league/competition (this search function is case, spelling and punctuation specific.) When you locate the league you want to join, select the ‘request’ button. To preview the league before you request to join select the ‘view’ button. A list of the most frequently searched Leagues/Competitions and their abbreviations and format for searching in KYCK are attached to this article below in PDF format.


3. The next screen will ask you to select your roster. You can only select and upload your ‘Official Roster’ here. Once you request to join this league, when you go back to ‘manage’ your teams rosters, there will be a newly created roster that shows up, it is an exact duplicate of your Official Roster that has been named for this league. Every player and their card will have been duplicated to this new League roster however if you add new players to your Official Roster after the date the league roster is created, you need to also go pick them up and add them to the league roster.


4. You will need to be approved by the league/competition before you are actively in the league. Each league manages their own approval process and timeframes vary. Reach out directly to the league if you have questions regarding the status of your request. The status of your request will show in KYCK as either pending or approved.


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