How do I upload player documents and photos?

Uploading player documents can be done by a staff member with permissions to ‘Manage Players’ and ‘Manage Documents’.  Photos for players can be uploaded by staff members that have permission to ‘Manage Players’

Documents and photos can be uploaded in a few areas of KYCK.  Instructions below are for uploading them from two different areas.  Depending upon your permissions in the club you may or man not be able upload in these ways.

Photos must not exceed 2MB and need to be .jpg or .png files.  Preferable cropped to a square including just the players head and shoulders.

Documents must not exceed 3MB and need to be .jpg or .pdf files.  If the Birth Cert is not clearly readable, US Club Soccer may reject it and request a new one. If it is rejected you will need to check the Message section in KYCK to find out.

Option One:

From the team level, under the PLAYERS tab > View All Players option if you select the ‘View’ button you can upload from there.

From this upload module you can do a number of things.  You can upload the photo, or change an existing photo.  Please do not upload more than the head and shoulders for best results. Family photos or photos from a distance will not print well on player cards. Here you can also upload a players Birth Certificate and the Medical Waiver.  If you do not have a copy of the medical waiver but you know your club has one on file you can select the ‘certify on file’ option.


Option Two:

From the CARDS > Print Cards or Request Cards section you can also upload the same way as Option One.



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