How do I add documents to a registration?

Please follow these steps to upload documents to your Registration Packet(s):

1. To upload documents to KYCK for your Registration Packets, first go to the Home Dashboard and click on the ‘Reg. Packets’ section to the left of the screen. You can upload documents to a previously published registration packet or during the process of creating a new registration packet.

2. To upload documents to an already existing Registration Packet, click on the published registration packet that you want to add the documents to. Once the packet is open, click on the blue box titled “Edit” in the upper right corner.

3. Once inside the packet, scroll to the very bottom of all the form to the sections called “Forms Required from User.” and click on the box “+Upload form” to upload any form to the Registration Packet (Please note that once a form is uploaded you have the option to set it as a requirement for the registration process or if you want to offer the family the option to deliver the document / form in person, you can leave the option unchecked here)

4. To upload documents to a new Registration Packet, follow the steps as outlined in How to Create a Registration Packet until you get to Step 4 before final publication of the packet and follow steps outlined in line 3, above.


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