How do I check for & send messages (as a registrar)?

Only a staff member with all permissions (in most clubs this is a Registrar) are able to check, send and reply to messages in the KYCK system. The following instructions apply to those with the appropriate permissions:
1. Go to CARDS tab at the organizational level and select ‘view previous requests for cards


2. You can click on the word ‘Status’ to up or down sort the status’ so that it is easier to locate anything that has been marked with

‘User Response Required’. You are looking for ‘User Response Required’ or ‘User Response Received’. Select the ‘View’ button.


3. The next step is finding the staff or player that has a message applied to their card request. In their Message column, there will be a red ‘New’. You select that to both view and send messages.


4. You will see the message from US Club Soccer here. Or you can send a message from here. You can send background check confirmation numbers, you can let US Club know you have updated a birth certificate or follow up on any conversation you have been having with US Club regarding this player or staff members card. Once the card issues are resolved, this message portal will not be available anymore for this player or staff member. If you need immediate access to your US Club Soccer Admin (they handle ALL things card related, KYCK cannot field questions related to cards) you will find their contact info here.



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