How do I add a NEW player to KYCK?

To add a player to the club or to a specific team you will need to be a staff member with permissions to ‘manage players’. Please note: player mailing addresses are now mandatory in KYCK.

1. Select the PLAYER tab from your team level (or from the Organization level if you have permissions) and then select the ‘Add New Player’ option. Basic player information will be required in this first portion of the form.
If you are trying to add a player that is already in the KYCK system, who has been carded with another club or who is playing on another team in your club you will need to follow these other instructions.



2. The second portion of the form will ask for additional details. If your player is over 18, your form will look different. See instructions below for adding players over the age of 18. A player’s email address should not be added for youth players in our system, you can put a player’s email address in, but do NOT put a parent’s email address in the player email address field. When you enter a youth player into KYCK the system will assign each youth player a long alpha numeric email/ KYCK ID# that will always identify them in KYCK and connect the player permanently to all their documents and player cards from team to team or club to club.


3. When adding players that are over 18 years of age, they must have their own email address to be entered. In the event you are entering twin adult players make sure each player has a different email address. You cannot use a coaches email address or anyone else’s email to enter a player. Each player must be entered with a unique email address.


4. If you are entering the player from the Org level, you will be given the option to select a team for the player. If you do not select a team, the player will be placed into the open players pool to be picked up and rostered by a team within your club only.

Play_-_Add_player_Org_level_originalNote: If you want to add a player to additional teams/rosters in the club, read this article about adding players to multiple rosters in your club. Some clubs do not allow players to be on multiple rosters. Check with your club Registrar to find out what your clubs rules are.


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