Can we create & edit our own promo codes?

Your club can either create a custom promo code or use the ‘random’ promo code button to allow the system to create a unique promo code for you.

Promo codes are put in place club wide. They are not specific to any one event you create, they are saved as a promo code for your club that can be used for one or many events. You designate the code you want to make available to a group or individuals, share that promo code with the potential registrants and they will use that promo code at the payment / checkout stage.

Promo codes are editable but cannot be deleted from the system. Follow these instructions to create a new promo code:
1. Select the tab marked ‘Financial’ on the left side of the page in KYCK. The Promo Codes area is accessed by the top navigation bar. First select ‘Promo Codes’ then select ‘Add Code’.

2. Once you select the ‘add code’ option you are ready to create a promo code. You have the option of custom naming the code or you can select the ‘random’ button and the system will create one for you.

3. You can also edit an existing promo code from this page.

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