Active System Issues & Notable Updates

In the event our system is experiencing a bug, you will find it listed here with information on when the bug was reported and any known options for working around the bug. Once the bug is fixed, we will report the fix date here as well. Items listed below that are not marked (BUG) are system updates we think you should be aware of.
Active System Issues & Notable Updates:

08.25.2015 (ISSUE) Photos and documents that do not save in the KYCK system. Currently, if a player is under the age of 13 and you have either imported them or manually added them to your club this summer, they will not have an email address listed in their user profile. In order to add their photo or POB documents, the system will require that they have an email address added in order to effectively save uploaded files. Please follow the instructions on the PDF attached at the bottom of this page until we update the system to alleviate the need for an email address.

Issues Fixed:

There are no issue fixes to be reported at this time.

If you do not see the issue you are experiencing listed here, or if you have any other issues please contact us at

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